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Going through change?

We can help calibrate the impact of process transformation
and build frameworks for change management systems.

Aspire to succeed.

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Thinking of the future?

So are we. We can assess business processes and make
recommendations that incorporate a variety of world class vendors.

Aspire to succeed.

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About to purchase new technology?

We can help ensure the positioning and delivery
capabilities marry up with your business objectives.

Aspire to succeed.


Our aspiration is to support you, as our customer, to succeed. Our team have decades of experience across the architecture, engineering, construction, infrastructure, asset management and government sectors, and are regular contributors of articles, white papers and periodicals, as well as presenters at industry events. For this reason, we have become the trusted advisors for businesses across Australia and New Zealand, ranging from SME, large, multinational, and local, state and federal government.

Supporting our customers with a variety of world-class vendors, the team at Consult AEC operate much like a systems integrator…matching your needs (following expert diagnostics and troubleshooting) with software and hardware from leading global vendors.

Our Service Expertise includes:

BIM Thought leadership

  • BIM governance/BIM thought leadership/BIM readiness audits/staff evaluations
  • BIM D&C to asset management integration (Greenfield and Brownfield sites)
  • BIM technology audits/training/implementation/integration reports/collaboration processes
  • Project model audits/clash detection/model coordination
  • Project BIM management professional services
  • Project BIM health checks
  • BIM process documentation/BIM execution plans/BIM requirements documents

Professional Services

  • Outsourced vendor management
  • Technology usage reporting
  • Technology reviews
  • Technology integration
  • Technology implementation
  • Technology audits

Fit-for-purpose technology

  • Software
  • User Stories
  • White papers


  • Product based
  • Customised
  • Discipline specific (BIM)
  • New release update

Industry events

  • Partner seminars
  • Webinars
  • User presentations
  • Industry associations


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