buildingSMART International, formerly the International Alliance for Interoperability, is an alliance of organisations within the construction and facilities management industries.

Its mission is to contribute to a sustainable built environment through smarter information sharing and communication. It also develops and maintains the specification for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), an open vendor-independent neutral file format that captures both geometry and properties of ‘intelligent’ building objects and their relationships within building information models.

The IFC data model is regarded as one of the key enabling technologies to overcome the inefficiencies of a distributed and fragmented industry. This facilitates the coordination of information across incompatible applications, which is a prerequisite for improving building workflows using building information modelling (BIM) methods.

This white paper outlines how IFC, as an open, vendor-neutral BIM data repository, facilitates cross-discipline coordination of building information models, data sharing, and handover and re-use of data for analysis and other downstream tasks.

Read the white paper, IFC – BIM Interoperability Through a Vendor-Independent File Format